VBS Online Payment

To pay through the parish's electronic offering system, log into or create your account at members.myeoffering.com. (You can use this in the future to offer your tithes to Incarnate Word, if you are not already.)

- When you have your funding source set up in your "wallet" and have added "Incarnate Word Catholic Church" in Chesterfield, MO, you can click 
   on the "Offerings" tab.

- Choose "one-time" for frequency, select the processing date, click next.

- Select your funding source, select the fund "Vacation Bible School" (last in the list), then enter the amount ($40.00 X # of children) and select "Yes, add $____ to cover transaction fees."*

- Confirm details of payment and submit.

*Note: In order to pay for VBS online, we will need you to cover the processing fee for the electronic payment. For a $40 payment, this should be $1.44. For $80, it should be $2.57. You are always welcome to pay in the parish office by cash or check to avoid these fees.

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