School Drop Off Procedures

  • Watch the video for drop off and pick up procedures. 

  • All vehicles (from east or west) enter parish property at the traffic signal.
  • Turn right at south end of the rectory.
  • Turn left at northwest corner of church.
  • Proceed to lower parking lot.
  • Vehicle queue forms along the west edge of the parking lot and left parallel to Athletic Field.
  • Queue vehicles move forward as far as possible.
  • Stop.
  • Drop off begins no sooner than 8:00am. Students are to remain in their vehicles until teacher supervisors are present.

            (If you arrive earlier than 8:00am, please park and wait in the Upper lot.)

  • Children exit your vehicle. (Instruct children to cross in front of your vehicle.)
  • Do not park in the lower lot. If you have to park proceed to the upper lot.
  • Never pass any vehicles in the line in front of you, no matter what.
  • After the vehicle in front of you has moved forward and all children from your vehicle are safely away from your vehicle and are walking to the assembly areas, you may move forward to begin exit.
  • All vehicles emerging from behind the school and the Kent Center should proceed up the east drive.  Those turning right (east) onto Olive should stop at the stop sign and then proceed.  Those intending to go west on Olive should turn left (west) into the last parking lot row just before Olive, continue to the west end of the parking lot, turn left (south), then make a right turn out of the parking lot and onto the main driveway, and proceed up to the traffic signal.  Having westbound drivers “meander” through the upper parking lot before exiting prevents traffic from jamming up all the way to the back parking lot.

Late Arrivals

  • Students are not considered tardy if they arrive before 8:20am.  Students arriving after 8:20am will have to be dropped off at the front of school.  (Cones placed between the southeast corner of the rectory and the church will indicate it is 8:20am and will indicate it is now time to drop students off at the front of school.  These students must stop and check in at the school office.
  • If you arrive after the cones have been placed, please pull into the semi-circular drive in front of the school.  Please pull forward all the way to the Kent Center curb to prevent other late arrivals from backing up traffic.