We are excited to announce that our parish has become a partner in a dynamic faith formation program called FORMED. This program is designed to help our parish form adults in the Catholic faith, and can be used both here at the parish and in our own homes.

How can I use it?

Scroll below to see the various programs available, or head to formed.org to investigate them all yourself!

As a member of our parish, you can access FORMED anytime on the web, using your computer, smartphone, or tablet, both here and at home. It is extremely important that we as Catholics not only know our Catholic faith, but also bear witness to Christ in our daily lives, particularly in this time of the New Evangelization. We strongly encourage every parishioner to take advantage of this excellent resource and make it a priority to learn more about our faith so that we can not only live it out more deeply, but also share it with others.

Accessing Materials:

Visit incarnateword.formed.org! From there, you can make your own login and get started today.

Programs Included

Symbolon is an immersion in the faith for the whole parish. It aims at transforming adults on all levels—how we think, how we pray, and how we live— by immersing us in instruction about the Word of God and the Catholic Faith. This program contains guides for leaders and for participants, as well as engaging video content aimed at teaching us more about our Catholic faith. The 20 episodes in this program will take you through the entire story of the Catholic faith and includes topics such as Sacred Scripture, Salvation History, Jesus, the Church, Mary & the Saints, the Sacraments (including Confession and the Eucharist), Catholic Morality, God’s Plan for Human Sexuality, and Catholic Social Teaching.

Excerpt below!

Why Do I Need the Church? (Symbolon Excerpt) from Lighthouse Catholic Media on Vimeo.

is a marriage preparation and marriage enrichment program from Augustine Institute.

In this program, you encounter the story of your love for each other in the bigger story of God’s love as revealed in the Bible, the flow of history, and Church teaching.

Beloved explores topics such as:

  • God’s Plan for Marriage
  • The Truth About Love
  • Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Intimacy
  • Living Out the Sacrament of Marriage
  • Conflict, Healing, and Forgiveness
  • Protecting the Bonds of Your Marriage

Using time-tested tools and teaching from leading experts, Beloved provides you with lively video presentations and a personal guide for you to use as a couple.

Missed it? This set of ten video presentations with Fr. Robert Barron is available through FORMED, and is worth it just for the beautiful tour of holy sights.

A program meant to use video presentations and reading, reflection, response, & contemplation.

There are two scriptural study programs available within Lectio - one from Dr. Tim Gray focusing on Peter the Apostle, and another from Dr. Brant Pitre focusing on the Eucharist.

A program of youth ministry. Although the parish uses the Life Teen program, the resources from YDisciple may be used to help parents learn how to foster discipleship in their teens in conjunction with their participation in youth ministry.


Inspirational Catholic movies are available through our parish subscription to Formed!

Audio Recordings

Listen to a selection of the audio recordings provided by Lighthouse Catholic Media!


Books and excerpts of books are available!