The Amazing Shake

For the third year in a row 6th grade students from Incarnate Word School have participated in a contest called the Amazing Shake. It is designed after a competition created by The Ron Clark Academy as a competition of their “soft skills”. Handshakes, eye contact and conversation skills are the basis of this contest.

Students work through six stages each tougher than the next. Earlier this month 46 students were tasked with introducing themselves and leading conversations with 20 professionals. Those students were graded on their skills and 20 advanced to the second round labeled “The Gauntlet”.
This second round required students to work through 10 surprise stations. They were given little time to prepare for an “interview” including a job at Boeing, consoling a sad woman, giving a toast to a bride and groom and reading a controversial announcement then taking questions. 
Round three brought 14 Ted Talk style speeches given to a roomful of students and parents. 
Seven students advanced to the Champions Luncheon catered by Il Bel Lago. Guests included Mrs. Buchheit, Ms. Staten and our champions from the previous two years, Dianne Collins (2017) and Gabby Spicuzza (2018). The luncheon was a secret round where students were unaware they were being judged on table manners and conversation engagement.
The remaining four students traveled to Epic Engineering for Round Five. The leadership council from Epic conducted a panel style interview of each contestant. Questions were asked about the students thoughts on leadership style and examples of how they have showed leadership.
The panel chose Ben Krenninger and Molly Malone to advance to the final round where each student managed the Home Depot store for two hours each. Both Ben and Molly learned about the values of Home Depot and safety rules. Each walked the floor, met customers and employees and finished their shift by holding the nightly meeting for all associates. Both students did an excellent job under incredible stress.
In the end Molly Malone was crowned the 2019 Amazing Shake Champion!