During the upcoming Lenten season, Fr. Schroeder an Fr.Hogan will be leading a series of prayerful reflections on the role of conversion in our lives using the DVD program produced by Bishop Robert Barron, who is a dynamic preacher and teacher of our Faith. The program will run for 7 weeks and consists of group prayer, reflection, discussion and viewing of video presentations by Fr. Barron beginning February 12.

In order to be accessible to as many parishioners as possible, we will offer a morning and evening presentation every week during Lent. It would be best if you are able to consistently attend either the morning or evening session throughout the 7 weeks so you get to know the people in your group but both are identical in content. The Conversion series will be offered on Mondays, beginning February 12 and running through March 26. Fr. Hogan will lead the morning session which runs from 10-11:30am and Fr. Schroeder will lead the evening session which meets from 6:30-8pm. Please contact the Barb or Mary in the parish office if you are interested in participating so we can make sure we reserve the proper room with enough seating for all who wish to attend. Participants are encouraged to bring a bible, a notebook, and a copy of the Catechism to the sessions.

Free Access to the Catechism